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Up to three (3) different key words or word fragments may be used.

Case sensitivity may be toggled. The default setting is NOT case sensitive.

Many archives contain both captions, entered by administrators or documentatians, and comments, which are entered by archive members and indicate by whom and when the comment was made.

Search only parts of the archive by selecting a desired branch. The default action is to search the entire archive.


It is usually unadvisable to enter more than one word in a single search text field. Enter separate words in each of the three search text fields for best results.

If you do not get results from a search, try again using fewer letters. If you get too many results, try again using more letters, or more search words. Watch for spelling errors, both in your search words and in comments, especially in proper names. Often word fragments are best, for example, "Ann" would find pages with "Anne" or "Ann" in the comments, accomodating the possible variations that may have been used in spelling.

The search words are logically "ANDed" with one another. "OR" logic is accomplished by executing separate searches.